About Us

The history of the Penang Kendo Club began in early 2005, when a young boy asked our founder Emi Yamazaki if she knew of any Kendo teachers in Penang. Piqued by curiosity and a naïve fascination for Kendo, we began searching for a Kendo teacher. It was then that a chance meeting with a teacher at the Japanese school in Penang led us to Arimatsu Setsuo Sensei, then a police officer holding a 6th dan in Kendo, who was stationed at the Japanese Consulate in Penang. After recruiting enough students and eventually finding a suitable training ground for Kendo, we finally commenced training in July 2005. Today, we are an MKA affiliated Kendo dojo and have trained over 200 students here in Penang. Led by our current head sensei, Kawaguchi Masahiro (7th Dan Kyoshi), we currently have 40 active practitioners including one 4th Dan, six 3rd Dan, two 2nd Dan, two 1st Dan and the rest holding a rank between 1st kyu and 7th kyu. Whether you are a seasoned kenshi or a complete novice, we welcome you to practice with us!