The Penang Kendo Festival – 18 August 2018

As the local host of this year’s Japanese Ambassador’s Cup event, the Penang Kendo Club is delighted to present the Penang Kendo Festival! This marks the first time a public workshop has been held here in Penang in conjunction with the tournament proper, and it gives members of the public a chance to experience for themselves the culture of the “Way of the Sword”.
The Penang Kendo Festival will feature not just competitive kendo, but also kendo kata (pattern) and iaido (sword drawing) demonstrations by high-level kendo and iaido instructors. Morning session visitors will also be able to practice hitting using the shinai and learning about the various aspects of kendo. This event is also held at the Penang Japanese School on the same day of the tournament and starts at 10am. Entrance is free,more info at viking slotti !!

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