The 6th PKC Cup 21st April 2018 – tournament report

On the 21st of April 2018, the Penang Kendo Club held its 6th PKC cup. This is a quarterly club level tournament sponsored by our sensei to encourage members of the club to participate in shiai. There were 4 competition categories in the category which makes the best services by action ac company games this edition: Children’s Non-bogu, Children’s Bogu (U16), Adults’ Bogu (Shodan and below) and Adults’ Bogu (Nidan and above).

The winners of this edition of the tournament are as follows:

Children’s Non-bogu: Ajishi Haruka

Children’s Bogu (U16): Kato Haruki

Adults’ Bogu (Shodan and below): Sakura Keigo

Adults’ Bogu (Nidan and above): Lau Hean Hooi

Photo Credits : Mrs Ajishi, Mrs Kato and Ms Chen

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