Announcement of new club fee schedule from April 1st, 2018

Please be advised that the Penang Kendo Club will revise the membership fee from 1st April 2018 onward.
There will be no change for Kids category, but we have added a Teenagers/Students category.

The new revised membership fee for Adults category, shall be as follows:
New registration fee: RM20
Re-instatement fee: RM20 (those members who have stop one term payment)
Children: age 5-12
membership fee: RM30/month, RM180/ 6 months term
Teenagers/Students: age 13-20
membership fee: RM40/month, RM240/ 6 months term
Adults: age 21 and above
membership fee: RM50/month, RM300/ 6 months term

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