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7th PKC Cup Tournament 20th October 2018

The Penang Kendo Club will be holding the 7th PKC Cup on the 20th of October 2018 at the Penang Japanese School from 2pm to 530pm. This is an internal competition open to all PKC members in good standing. There will be 5 competition categories this time:

2nd dan and above
1st dan and below
Primary-school bogu
Secondary-school bogu
Non bogu beginners

To register your interest to participate, please fill up the registration list which will be circulated in our PKC Line or Whatsapp chat groups before 17th October. For further inquiries, please reach out to any of our PKC committee members.

Singapore Kendo Club & Tanglin Kendo Club Visit 23rd to 26th August 2018

It was another exciting weekend of Kendo at the Penang Kendo Club as we received visitors from the Kendo community in Singapore. The 14-member  delegation led by Peter Ong sensei and David Yeo sensei, comprised of 10 kenshi, and their family members.

In the spirit of friendly exchange, we also had a couple of shiai with the visitors on top of our regular menu of kihon & jigeiko. It was a great and fun learning experience for all involved. Please come again! We hope this will be a regular happening from now on.

Group photo from the last day of keiko at Island Plaza

Penang Kendo Festival and the 5th Japanese Ambassador’s Cup Event Report

On the 18th of August 2018, the Penang Kendo Club hosted the 5th Japanese Ambassador’s Cup at the Penang Japanese School. This national level team tournament was organized with the support of the Japanese Embassy in Malaysia and the Malaysia Kendo Association. In conjunction with this event, as local hosts, the Penang Kendo Club, with the help of the Consulate-General of Japan in Penang, also organized a Penang Kendo Festival to introduce members of the public to Kendo and Japanese sword arts in general. Also in attendance were the Consul-General of Japan in Penang, Mr Kanoya, the principal of the the Penang Japanese School, Mr Ono, founder of the Penang Kendo Club, Ms Emi Yamazaki as well as the senseis of the Malaysia Kendo Association and Penang Kendo Club. Prior to the start of the competition, attendees were treated to a Kendo Kata embu by Masuda-sensei and Kawaguchi-sensei as well as a koryu-style iaido kata embu by Masuda-sensei and Goto-sensei. This was followed by a kendo basics demonstration by members of the Malaysian kendo community let by demonstation leader Abul Johari. After the demonstration was completed, members of the general public were given the chance to try out kendo using practice shinais. The tournament proper, featuring 10 teams from all over Malaysia, started at 115pm in the afternoon, and after an intense afternoon of competition, The Penang Kendo Club’s own PKC B defied the odds to reach the final and meet the tournament favorites (and eventual champion), the all-Japanese team from JCKL.

Final Result:

Champion: JCKL

1st Runners’ Up: PKC B

2nd Runners’ Up:


Calm before the storm. A moment of quiet before the start of the day’s proceedings

Our Tournament banner

The Japanese Ambassador’s Cup

Kawaguchi sensei (L) and Masuda sensei (R) performing the Nihon Kendo Kata

Goto sensei (L) and Masuda sensei (R) performing iaido kata from their respective koryu

Goto sensei in action during the iaido embu

Shamsul Amri (L) and Abul Johari (R) performing tachiai during the kendo demonstration

Members of the organizing committee. Good job everyone!

Members of the public learning to cut using shinai during the workshop

Kendo is fun! A tourist trying out kendo for the first time

A member of the public trying to perform men uchikomi

Workshop attendee learning to do chudan no kamae

The Consul General Mr Kanoya trying his hand at kendo

PKC-A order of battle

Our President Mr Lau in action!

Ono-sensei presenting the Fighting Spirit awards

Masuda-sensei presenting the 2nd Runners’-Up medals to MKA-A

Goto sensei presenting medals to the 2nd Runners’ Up PKC-A

Kawaguchi sensei presenting medals to the 1st Runners’ Up PKC-B

Mr Kanoya presenting winners’ medals to the winning JCKL team

Mr Kanoya presenting the trophy to the Taisho of team JCKL, Mr Koike

VP of the Malaysia Kendo Association, Christopher Wong sensei giving his closing comments.

Kawaguchi sensei in his closing comments.

Vice President of the Penang Kendo Club giving his closing comments

An organizer’s job is never done!

PKC-B posing with their spoils of victory. This 5th edition is the most successful outing yet for PKC, with a best ever 1st Runners’-up placing.

This year’s champions, team JCKL posing with Masuda sensei.

Senseis getting ready for godou keiko

Godou Keiko!

Kawaguchi sensei in action during godou keiko

PS: We would like to thank the various members and photographers who contributed photos for this report!

The Penang Kendo Festival – 18 August 2018

As the local host of this year’s Japanese Ambassador’s Cup event, the Penang Kendo Club is delighted to present the Penang Kendo Festival! This marks the first time a public workshop has been held here in Penang in conjunction with the tournament proper, and it gives members of the public a chance to experience for themselves the culture of the “Way of the Sword”.
The Penang Kendo Festival will feature not just competitive kendo, but also kendo kata (pattern) and iaido (sword drawing) demonstrations by high-level kendo and iaido instructors. Morning session visitors will also be able to practice hitting using the shinai and learning about the various aspects of kendo. This event is also held at the Penang Japanese School on the same day of the tournament and starts at 10am. Entrance is free

Registration for the 2018 Ambassador’s Cup (18th August 2018) is now OPEN

The Penang Kendo Club is pleased to announce that the registration for the annual Japanese Ambassador’s Club is now open. This is a national-level kendo tournament co-organized by the Malaysia Kendo Association and the Japanese Embassy to promote Japanese culture in Malaysia. As the local host this year, the Penang Kendo Club will be holding the competition at the Universiti Sains Malaysia Sports Complex on the 18th of August 2018. Deadline for registration is 31st July. Competitors, please register at this link.

The 6th PKC Cup 21st April 2018 – tournament report

On the 21st of April 2018, the Penang Kendo Club held its 6th PKC cup. This is a quarterly club level tournament sponsored by our sensei to encourage members of the club to participate in shiai. There were 4 competition categories this edition: Children’s Non-bogu, Children’s Bogu (U16), Adults’ Bogu (Shodan and below) and Adults’ Bogu (Nidan and above).

The winners of this edition of the tournament are as follows:

Children’s Non-bogu: Ajishi Haruka

Children’s Bogu (U16): Kato Haruki

Adults’ Bogu (Shodan and below): Sakura Keigo

Adults’ Bogu (Nidan and above): Lau Hean Hooi

Photo Credits : Mrs Ajishi, Mrs Kato and Ms Chen